GRCM Identity System

In December 2010, we wanted to serve our community by donating a major brand overhaul to a local, non-profit organization. Grand Rapids Children’s Museum was the perfect fit for this work. Their focus on child development and creative play outlets were incredibly inspiring to us, and we wanted to give them something back for all of their efforts.


GRCM Shines Brightly in 'Solace'

GRCM Solace Ad

Grand Rapids Children’s Museum (GRCM) advertises every year in Solace, a semi-annual premier West Michigan magazine. After Icavia was given the opportunity to rebrand the museum, GRCM wanted a fresh new look given to their print advertisements, too.

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MyGR 6 Logo is a community-driven experience which invites Grand Rapidians to speak their minds—in only 6 words—about why they love Grand Rapids, Michigan. Though most of the graphic design elements were determined in-house at Amway, Icavia was responsible for the UX design and technical implementation of the digital experience.

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Icavia was recently given the opportunity to refresh, the global brand site for Amway’s flagship cosmetics line. Not only was a bright and enlightening visual direction integral for the site’s success, but also interface compatibility across a diverse range of traditional and mobile devices.


Solving @font-face Alignment Issues

The Dilemma

While working on the launch of the website, we were committed to fulfilling our creative team’s vision and decided to use embedded fonts with @font-face. Soon after, we came across an interesting new dilemma. Not only did our embedded fonts render noticeably different between some browsers, but we also saw inconsistencies between operating systems.


Our Harvest iPhone App is on iTunes

The title says it all. We’ve had several iOS apps in various stages of completion and prototyping for some time, but this is the first chance we’ve gotten to actually go through the submittal and approval process. All in all fairly painless, although the process for distribution certificate signing was less than obvious. The app spent about 5 days in review before being approved.