GRCM Identity System

In December 2010, we wanted to serve our community by donating a major brand overhaul to a local, non-profit organization. Grand Rapids Children’s Museum was the perfect fit for this work. Their focus on child development and creative play outlets were incredibly inspiring to us, and we wanted to give them something back for all of their efforts.

We created a fresh, new identity that reflects elements of GRCM’s old identity and stays true to their brand. Custom, childlike typography was hand-drawn to give a sense of friendliness to the identity. To convey GRCM’s expertise on the Value of Play, we juxtaposed a regal serif (Eames Century Modern) against the organic type. This typeface is a modern variation on Century, a typeface often used in children’s schoolbooks.

A colorful block pattern was established in the identity and was repeated throughout the rest of the system. Not only do these colorful squares reflect the tiles of GRCM’s iconic outdoor mural, but they also represented the diversity present within the Museum walls. GRCM is a safehaven where nationality, gender, and age do not exist, and a place where the local community can unite in the joy of childhood playtime and learning.


Stationery System

Magazine Advertisement

Entrance Signage

Outdoor Banner

Admission Sign

Sponsor Sign

Bathroom Sign

Read more about the Children’s Museum website here.

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