GRCM Shines Brightly in 'Solace'

GRCM Solace Ad

Grand Rapids Children’s Museum (GRCM) advertises every year in Solace, a semi-annual premier West Michigan magazine. After Icavia was given the opportunity to rebrand the museum, GRCM wanted a fresh new look given to their print advertisements, too.

GRCM Solace Ad

This fresh new messaging features a quote from one of the most advanced thinkers of all time: Albert Einstein. He was often quoted describing how playfulness and imagination were far more important than pure knowledge, and that creatively bending knowledge through imaginative means was of the utmost importance. The folks at GRCM are true experts on play, imagination building, and child development, so the quote from this expansive mind was an apt fit.

Check back soon to learn more about the GRCM rebranding and to view examples of our work.

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